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The Appointment

Charlotte is the phone girl at a high-end escort service in New York City. Her job is to make appointments, not entertain the guests, but for one special client, she might be willing to make an exception.



Naughty or Nice?: A Written Fireside Anthology from the Authors of HarperImpulse

Enjoy this free festive treat from the HarperImpulse authors this Christmas!

Inspired by roaring campfires and the cold nights of the Pacific Northwest, a group of HarperImpulse authors came together to write their own round robin style romances.

In this special festive Written Fireside, the authors ran a competition to give a reader the chance to start each story in the anthology with their own opening paragraph. Georgia Beyers was the winner and now you can find out how each author followed that paragraph with their incredible storytelling.

So settle down, grab a mince pie and join us for a Christmas by the fire…



Her Special Knight

An online RPG chat brought them together and tonight, after months of talking, Simone is finally going to meet the man of her dreams. They’ve shared secrets and jokes, and many long, steamy, late night conversations, but can their fantasy life survive the transition to reality?



A Matter of Valentine’s Day

A Valentine’s Day free read staring Trask and Rena from A MATTER OF LUST




Bonus Material

Bonus Material

Read a HOT deleted scene from Sculpting a Demon




The Naughty Dice Game

The Naughty Dice Game, Free Erotica RomanceThe beach house was a total wash out. A storm raged outside, the power was out and the beer was warm. Luckily for Sara, Ryan, Deb and Garrett, the last tenant left behind some naughty dice. Sara takes the first turn and the game begins. With sexy options like “Hump” and “Suck” and “Nipple” everybody wants to roll.

This story was part of a contest and it actually won me some super-awesome vibrating panties.



Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon a Star, Free Erotica RomanceThe god of love sent his servant to grant Alyssa’s Valentine’s Day wish, but will she get her happily ever after?




Spring Fest

Spring Fest, Free Erotica FictionJulia is stuck in the small town of Alexandria and she can’t wait to get back to the city where she belongs. The only thing that makes the place even remotely tolerable is the handsome young lawyer, Derek Cafferty. She attends the town’s annual Spring festival with no real hope of having fun, but much to her surprise and delight, she is treated to more than just lemonade.



The Local Laundromat

Sexy Flash Fiction in the Local LaundromatSexy flash fiction